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The mission of GVO is to bridge the gap between mental health and fashion, while promoting individual empowerment, and raise positivity around the world with each piece of our comfortable loungewear clothing.


CEO, Shawn Weir, decided to spread Good Vibez & Mental Health Awareness across the world after his Alma Mater denied him of implementing a Mental Health Day. While Shawn's initial attempt to implement a Mental Health Day at Delaware State University faced challenges, this lead him to a pivotal realization – sometimes, redirection is a form of guidance. This insight reinforced his belief in the healing power of conversation and the need to make mental health a norm in everyday discussions.

Good Vibez Only also known as GVO is more than a brand. We're a team, a family, a business that wouldn't be a brand without the help of our supporters. Join us while we make change. 

*Each purchase 10% is donated to GVOs Non-Profit

House of Vibez Incorporated.

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